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MPMileage for Maptitude

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Database Notes

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The following are notes specific to particular databases and interfaces.



Microsoft Excel


We do not generally recommend the use of Microsoft Excel with MPMileage. MPMileage is designed to work with relational databases. Although Excel can be made to look like a relational database, it is not perfect.


In order to support 32 bit Excel when using 64 bit Maptitude, the Windows database interface has been replaced with a native COM interface. Due to the lack of typing in Excel, this means MPMileage has to convert all data to text values before saving to Excel.





MPMileage applies delimiters to all identifiers using the ANSI standard double quote delimiter. You must set MySQL (and/or the ODBC connection) to use ANSI SQL quotes rather than the MySQL default single quotes.



Maptitude: Data View


MPMileage reads all Data View data before processing. This will make it seem like MPMileage has paused before it starts processing actual routes. Due to this, and Maptitude application contention, it is currently recommended that Maptitude is only used for small datasets (e.g. less than a few hundred rows).


Data view coordinates can either be the conventional decimal degrees or Maptitude's own internal integer "millions of a degree". MPMileage determines the units according to the data type. Floating point coordinates are interpreted as decimal degrees. Integer coordinates are interpreted as being in millionths of a degree.