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MPMileage for Maptitude

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Release History

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v1.9, Release Date: 16th January 2019


Improved quality (but slower) scan of Maptitude road speeds.

Scan of the United Kingdom and Ireland country pack now uses mph instead of kph.



v1.8, Release Date: 24th September 2018


Support added for the Western Europe country pack, including default road speeds. Road speeds also added for the France country pack.



v1.7, Release Date: 6th December 2017


Bug fix: Fixes 'single threaded' exception seen with older versions of Maptitude.

Bug fix: Incorrect calculation for rate table over intervals



v1.6, Release Date: 28th August 2017


Support for the new UK & Ireland country pack.


v1.5, Release Date: 27th February 2017


Support for Maptitude searches based on UK style postcodes.

Disables Maptitude 2017 progress window "flashes". Primarily a cosmetic issue.

Improved dialog box sizing for certain screen sizes.



v1.4, Release Date: 27th April 2016

Support for Maptitude integer "millionths of a degree" data view coordinates.

Bug fix: Minor GUI improvements for the data view settings.

Documentation: New data view example.



v1.3, Release Date: 8th Feburary 2016


Support for Maptitude 2016 and Maptitude 2016's street layers.



v1.2, Release Date: 12th October 2015


Improvement: Full support for 32 bit Maptitude.

Improvement: Default road speeds added for: Germany.

Bug fix: GUI issues with the named data points option.

Bug fix: Configuration file unable to import/export road settings correctly.

Bug fix: "Not found" zipcodes were not always being interpreted correctly.



v1.1, Release Date: 19th May 2015


New feature: Ability to modify road speeds with a ± percentage of the Maptitude defaults.

New feature: Ability to define a cost 'road table' as a single fixed cost per unit distance.

New feature: Ability to define road costs by road type.

New feature: Ability to load and save all road parameters (speeds, percentage speeds, and costs). These road type parameter files can also be used with MileCharter for Maptitude.

Bug fix: When in edit mode, the road speed table now loses the focus correctly.

Bug fix: Previous version would not automatically uninstall. Existing users of v1.0 should uninstall MPMileage for Maptitude v1.0 before running the v1.1 installer.



v1.0, Release Date: 23rd March 2015


Initial Maptitude release.

New feature: Support for Maptitude data tables.