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MPMileage for Maptitude

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Introduction to MPMileage for Maptitude

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Winwaed Software Technology LLC


MPMileage for Maptitude


Batch Mileage Calculator for Caliper Maptitude



MPMileage is a batch mileage calculator for Caliper Maptitude. Unlike the MileCharter add-in, MPMileage calculates point-to-point route mileages listed in a database. Source and destination locations can be pre-located in the current Maptitude map file, explicitly listed as coordinates, or they can be geocoded during processing.


MPMileage supports all of Maptitude's routing options.


MPMileage requires Caliper Maptitude 2014 Build 2835 (or later), a suitable database source, and Microsoft .NET 4.0 (or later). The supported database sources are currently Microsoft Excel 1997 (or later), Microsoft Access 1997 (or later), Microsoft SQL Server, standard ODBC connections, and Maptitude data views.


This help file contains the following contact, license, release, and purchasing information:


Contacting Winwaed Software Technology LLC

License Agreement

Purchasing MPMileage

Release History


An example is provided for first time users:


Example: Using MPMileage with an Access database  (uses the USA data pack)

Example: Using MPMileage to calculate zipcode distances (uses the USA data pack)

Example: Using MPMileage with UK named locations (uses the UK data pack)

Example: Using MPMileage with coordinates in a Maptitude Data View (uses the US data pack)



The following pages describe specific aspects of MPMileage's operation:


Overview of MPMileage Operations

Setting the Database Parameters

Setting the Input Location Fields

Specifying an ODBC Data Source

Row Selection

Routing Parameters

Setting the Road Speeds

Setting the Driving Costs

Types of Rate Table

Road Parameters

Setting the Road Costs

Saving and Restoring MPMileage's Configuration

Log Settings

Error Results

Database Notes

Frequently Asked Questions