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Road Parameters

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MPMileage supports three types of road parameter: current (absolute) speed, relative speed adjustment, and cost. These parameters can all be specified on a road by road basis. For example, you can specify different speeds for different types of road.


These parameters can be set by pressing the Speeds or Costs buttons on the main panel. They can also be set by pressing the Roads button on the main panel, to display the Road Parameters dialog box:




In addition to setting the road speeds and road costs, this dialog box can be used to save or load the road parameters. With three types of parameter and typically more than twenty road types, there are a lot of possible values to set. Being able to save these values to a file, lets you easily save them as a 'driving profile' for future use, or to transfer to a colleague.


Press Save Parameters to save all of the current road parameters to a file with the extension of "mrp".


The Load Parameters button is used to load road parameters from an existing "mrp" file. Note that you can select which of the road parameters should be loaded. For example, you might want to keep your current speed settings but load new costs from the file.


The loading process really performs a merge. Existing road parameters are kept and are only overwritten by values in the input file. Labels are not overwritten. Therefore it is possible to have a hybrid set of roads from multiple country packs. When using multiple country packs, it is recommended that you do NOT mix "mrp" files between countries. This will work, but road types will be referenced using their "ccStyle" values, and NOT the name, i.e. interstate road settings will probably be used as motorways even though they are still called "Interstate", and vice versa.