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MPMileage for Maptitude

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Routing Parameters

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The various Maptitude routing parameters are set in the Routing Parameters box in the main MPMileage dialog box:




Use the Route Type drop-down box to select what kind of route to be calculated. The standard Maptitude options of Shortest Route, and Quickest Route are available, plus Straight Line. Straight Line calculates a Great Circle distance — i.e the shortest "straight line" connecting the two points. Note that the time and cost results are not available for the Straight Line option.


Use the Time Units option to set the units to use. Available units are minutes, and hours. Note that this will only be enabled if a time output column has been selected. Distance Units are fixed and use the current map's distance units.


The Speeds button will be enabled if road speeds are applicable (i.e. all route types except 'straight line'). Press this button to display the Road Speeds dialog box.


The Roads button can be used to set all Road Parameters. Road parameters are parameters that can be set for each road type. Currently you can set the absolute speed, relative speed adjustment, and/or driving costs. These parameters can also be saved to a file, allowing them to be saved as a 'road profile' or shared with your colleagues. They can also be used with MileCharter for Maptitude.


The Costs button will be enabled if costs have been selected for output. Press this button to display the Rate Table dialog box to set the various cost options.