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Batch Mileage Calculations for Caliper Maptitude®

Guided Tour of MPMileage: Main Panel Configuration Options

MPMileage runs as an add-in within Caliper® Maptitude®. and supports a wide range of options including database configuration and the full set of Maptitude's routing options.

MPMileage's main panel

The Main MPMileage Panel

This is the main panel that appears when you start MPMileage. It is divided into four sections: Database, Configuration, Routing Parameters, and Status.

The Database section displays a brief summary of the current database parameters. Set or change these parameters by pressing the Change button to display the Database Parameters dialog box. MPMileage supports database tables stored in Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel, as well as database connections using ODBC.

The Routing Parameters section allows all of Maptitude's routing parameters to be set. These let you set the time units, route type (fastest/shortest/etc), road speeds, and costing parameters.

The Status section displays the processing status. Press the Start button to start processing after all parameters have been set. During processing, the '(not running)' caption is replaced with an indicator of the number of rows to be processed and completed.

MPMileage's Logging Options form

Logging Options

The Configuration section of the main MPMileage panel has buttons that let you load or save the current configuration settings. It also has the Log Settings button. Press this to display the Logging Options form (see right) to set these options.

Logging can be useful when diagnosing database issues. The Errors output column is also useful in diagnosing problems with specific data rows.

Next, we look at the MPMileage database parameters in more detail.

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