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Batch Mileage Calculations for Caliper Maptitude®

Guided Tour of MPMileage: Route Options

MPMileage supports the full range of Caliper® Maptitude®'s route options.

MPMileage's main panel

The main routing parameters

The various Maptitude routing parameters are specified using the Routing Parameters section of the main panel.

The Time Units option should be self explanatory. MPMileage can report travel times in hours or minutes. MPMileage will use report distances using Maptitude's current Distance Units.

The Route Type option lets you choose the main Maptitude route type. Both of Maptitude's route types are available (Quickest Route, and Shortest Route) plus Straight Line. Straight Line simply finds the great circle distance between the two locations using geometry. The Straight Line option is much faster than the route calculations, but it lacks the ability to calculate travel times and costs.

Setting the road speeds in MPMileage

Maptitude calculates travel times with different different road speeds for different road segments. Road segments of the same road type may have different speeds. MPMileage lets you override the road speeds, but all road segments of the same road types must have the same speed. Alternative, you can apply an adjustment for each road type, e.g. "increase all Interstate speeds by +5%". These are set using the Road Speeds dialog box, which is displayed by pressing the Road Speeds button. The speed units are determined by the current Maptitude distance units.

Setting fuel economy settings in MPMileage

The cost parameters are set using the Rate Table dialog box. This is displayed by pressing the Rate Table button. Costs are calculated using a table of cost rates per distance unit (e.g. dollars per mile). The rate table specifies different rates for different distances and is specified using a text file. Alternatively, a single value can be specified for all distances.

With MPMileage v1.1, it is also possible to set costs according to the road type. I.e. specify different costs for different Maptitude road types. All of these road parameters can be saved to a file and shared with your colleagues, and with MileCharter for Maptitude.

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